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Public Service and Leadership Academy


Roy Romer Public Service & Leadership Academy


The Roy Romer Middle School Pubic Service and Leadership Academy (PS&LA) will have as its mission to empower students to think critically about local, national, and world issues, to study these issues, to engage in service learning opportunities related to these issues, and to take positive, non-violent actions in a dedicated effort to be of positive service.

Students in the academy are encouraged to become agents of change in their school, community, nation, and world through an emphasis on social justice.


  • Students will learn about social issues that affect various communities.
  • Students will discover ways to become involved in making a positive impact.
  • Students will have opportunities to grow and have their voices heard.
  • Students will realize the value in helping others.


Law, government, community service agencies, social workers.


  • Students will log academy-related activities.
  • Students will write journal entries related to the goals of the academy.
  • Students will showcase their learning at the end of each year.
  • Students will proactively find positive ways to serve communities.
  • Students will focus on social issues when presented with a choice of assignments in core classes.


PS&LA will consist of approximately 1/4 of the students and teachers from Romer’s home school as well as parents and staff who wish to join. We will actively pursue partners in the community such as Facing History and Ourselves, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Directing Change, and more.


PSALA is a Public Service and Leadership Academy scheduled to support students next year. The aim of the academy is to introduce students to Learning Through Service in preparation for careers in the public sector (e.g. Education, Government, Social and Health Care Services, Leadership).