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STEM and Gifted/Humanities Magnets are now accepting applications for Fall 2024. Please sign-up for an informational tour!

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-3:00 PM
Please call to schedule a tour of the school.
Magnet Office Phone: (818) 505-2223
 Magnet Office Email: [email protected]
​​​​​​​ Welcome to Roy Romer STEM Magnet!!
The application window for the 2024-2025 school year opens October 2.  Apply Here ​​​​​​​ or come by the school office to fill out an application.


Roy Romer Middle School STEM Magnet was established in 2016 and is located on the campus of Roy Romer Middle School. Our Romer STEM. Magnet is part of the greater Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Magnet Program that was originally established in 1977 as part of a court order handed down by the California Supreme Court in 1976 in an effort to make integration opportunities available for all students living in the LAUSD boundaries.


To provide a learning community that inspires and motivates students to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, achieve academically, and to witness the emergence of independent thinkers and exceptional problem solvers.  


Our magnet curriculum provides ample opportunities for students to engage academically with a project-based, student-centered, and technology-rich pedagogy. Our staff tirelessly works to create a safe environment where teachers are encouraged to work together to try new instructional strategies, and students feel comfortable meeting the rigorous challenges of learning.


Roy Romer STEM Magnet believes that all students can learn through the partnership between school, home, and community.  By offering an enriched and varied core curriculum that draws upon these three stakeholders, we attempt to instill in students a lifelong love of learning.